Clean Beauty, Clinical Outcomes 


Are your products safe for all skin types and skin tones?


Yes. We’ve devoted years to exacting our science and focusing on results- driven ingredients that will be suitable for every skin type and all skin tones across the Fitzpatrick scale. You can rest assured, we’ve done the hard work so you can use our advanced formulations with total confidence and peace of mind. 


Where are your products made? 


We are a team of award winning master dermatologists and botanical researchers based in Europe where our ministry of health certified and award winning lab is situated. Each product passes through stringent biochemical and clinical testing that meet all European Cosmetics Products regulations. Our facility is proudly C02 emission-free, cruelty-free certified hence protecting the environment, and houses clean rooms to ensure zero contamination. 


What are green or clean beauty products? 


This is a new term which may not have a specific or clear definition leaving the public confused as many myths surround this subject. Simply put, clean beauty is a very personal undertaking by a group of formulators who intentionally leave out potentially irritating substances from the product. Hence, the Clinical Botanic definition of clean beauty is creating formulations without perfumes, dyes, parabens, drying alcohols, and sulphates along with other  common irritants. 

Are your products safe? 


Yes. As we’ve mentioned in the section above, each formulation goes through years of meticulous testing under stringent EU guidelines. Only when we are fully satisfied with our end product, we send it for further clinical testing at our affiliated clinics. Our products have been tested on sensitive human  skin. But, please note, since each skin is unique, we recommend that you patch test any new products before you begin facial applications, this is only a precautionary measure. We are confident you will be beyond satisfied with the outcome. In fact, many of our clients have either eczema prone skin or sensitive skin. 

Is your product range cross compatible?


Yes! You can use any of our products alone or together as a complete skincare range. In fact, we actually recommend you use our products serially in your everyday routine to gain maximum benefits. 

How soon will I see results? 


As soon as you begin. You will notice immediate to long term benefits. The skin cycle is about a month, so benefits will begin within 4 weeks of daily applications and transformational benefits will continue as long as you use the products. 


Do your products carry any side effects? 

None. We’ve made sure each product passes the highest level of safety standards. But please remember, we’re a cosmetic brand, and not pharmaceutical based. Hence, if you suffer from a chronic skin disease, kindly consult with your dermatologist


Do your products contain perfume? 


None. We’ve made sure each and every is perfume free, hence diminishing the chances of contact allergies or sensitivity. 


Are your products gender neutral? 


Yes. Our products are created to maintain skin health, so anyone can use them and gain benefit.