About Us

Clinical Botanic incorporates evidence-based molecules into each formulation using a clean and green approach where unnecessary ingredients are carefully eliminated and only the beneficial ones at optimal percentages are included so that you see dramatic transformative change and real-time results in record time without suffering irritation.

Three award winning doctors in medicine, dermatology, botany and pharmacology joined hands to create cosmeceuticals safe for all skin tones and skin types and can be safely used by expecting moms. Using a minimalistic approach to formulating and adhering to clinically proven botanically-driven ingredients that will result in minimal irritation but maximum benefits.

Our formulations aim to reawaken natural radiance and maintain the integrity of the barrier on a long term basis as part of your complete skin health renewal program.

Our vision is to allow you to embrace natural beauty through clinically effective and safe formulations without compromising the health of your skin. 

Welcome to Clinical Botanic where